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Toni Maurice-Milburn 

Master Herbalist, Spiritual Adviser, 

Reiki Master Teacher


Ebony Sage Apothecary is a small, woman owned metaphysical and natural wellness shop, located on the beautiful MS Gulf Coast. It's proprietress, Toni Maurice-Milburn, is a Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Teacher, Reader/Medium and Spiritual Advisor and a initiated Priestess of Oshun in the Ifa Tradition, MA in Psychology, BA in both Early Childhood Education and Psychology, and she is currently a PhD candidate in Education.  


Mama Toni, as she is affectionately known within the community, brings her extensive training along with over 25 years of experience with her. Mix all of these enchanting properties and years of wisdom and mastery into one beautifully built pot and what brews is something truly magical, well rounded and healing. And you will feel it with each product offered by Ebony Sage Apothecary. 


Mama Toni offers custom teas, herbal baths and healing products. In addition to offering these products in store and online, she offers individual consultations and will create a custom recipe to fit your needs, whether that be physical, mental and/or spiritual. Through her various in-person and online classes, Toni strives to bring the knowledge and practices of her Elders back into daily practice. 


From her students past and present, to her clients both near and far,  Mama Toni's passion for what she knows and shares with the world is inspiring, transformative and impactful, but don't take our word for it, experience this chemistry for yourself. 

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