Every item in each kit has been created with the best intentions. They each have been cleansed, blessed, consecrated and empowered on my altars before being sent to you. Everything you need to do some work or set a ritual, along with suggestions for use. These are ideal if you are new to conjure, looking for a special gift for your favorite conjure person or simply don't have all the items you need on hand. There are five kits to choose from including, Feeling the Love Kit, Mama Laveau's Healing Kit, Road Opener Kit, Show Me the Money Prosperity Kit, or Uncrossing Kit.

Each kit contains the following items:

*Spell Specific Bath Salts (concentrated)

*Color Specific Candle

* Spell Specific Incense Cones

*Spell Specific Mojo Bag

*Spell Specific Conjure Oil

*Petition Paper


DIY Spell Kits


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