Every newborn is a cherished blessing. Allow me to set a dressed, 7-day candle working with Mama Yemaya for you and your little one. This service includes a handmade baby blanket that will be custom made during the 7 days of your candle working. Each stitch is intended to be an unspoken blessing for your baby.


I take the time to use quality yarns and my tools are consecrated and dedicated to Mama Yemaya and are only used specifically for this work. Once I have the yarn, I will send you an email. The candle will be lit, and food and drink offerings made at 7am the Saturday after I have your yarn. I will complete your blanket within the 7 daycandle burning period.


These are handmade items and therefore will differ from the pictures depicted on our website. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

New Baby Blessing & Blanket


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